Replacement Hooked Blade - 2 Styles - Flat and Round
Single Replacement BladeReplacement Blades – 10 Pack#1 Flat Hooked Blade Number 1#2 Round Hooked Blade Number 2

Replacement Hook Blades

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Pre-Hooked, Sharpened and Ready to Scrape, these Blades will work with All of our Scrapers.

Based on the style of distress you’re looking for, we have Two Blade Styles to select From:

  • #1 Blade – Straighter Edge  (Best for corners, smooth scraping and the lightly hand distressed look)
  • #2 Blade – More Curved Edge  (Our most popular style of blade: With more curve, you can hog off large curls and get that perfect, hand-hewn distressed look.)


If you have any further questions about the blades, please email us or give us a call anytime!

*Save $20 when you purchase the10 pack of replacement blades.


Product Description

Designed specifically for scraping any type of hardwood, the replacement hooked blades can be used in any of the custom hand scrapers. As the hook becomes dull, just simply use a mill/bastard file to keep the edge sharp; then when the hook eventually wears down completely, you can send the blades back to us for re-hooking, or re-hook the blade yourself by using our one-of-a-kind Hook Blade Machine to achieve fast and effective results right on the job!

*For achieving that Custom Hand Distressed look on wood flooring, results are best achieved when using the best blade and blade is properly hooked.

*See our Hook Blade Machine and tutorials for how you can properly re-hook your blades for best results.

*Save $20 when you purchase the 10 pack of replacement blades.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 2 x 6 in

1, 10

Blade Style

#1 (Flat), #2 (Round)


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