How to Distress Wood Flooring – Videos and Tutorials

Distress Wood Floors by Hand with The Ultimate Hand Scraper

Learn how to distress wood floors. We’ve created two hand scrapers that will blow any hand scraper away! Heavy duty and unique, these will give you custom hand scraped looks on any solid or engineered flooring.

Hand Scraping Hardwood Flooring

Short video on how to distress hardwood flooring using bench scraping. Having your boards up at a good level increases your productivity and eases the pain from being on your knees. These bench scraping jigs will be available for purchase soon!

Sharpening Hook Blades (pt 1)

Watch and learn how to sharpen your hook blades with a bench grinder and hook blade machine to help you get the best results. Hand scraping your wood floor is much easier with a sharp blade. Part 1

Sharpening Hook Blades (pt 2)

Learn how to refinish your hardwood floors with these custom hand scrapers and sharpen the hook blades for distressing wood floors. Save money with our 10 pack hook blade replacement kit.

Removing the Old Hook from your Blade

Details on how to remove the hook from your blade in order to get a new one put on. Use our Hook Blade Machine to change out your hardwood flooring blades often for best wood floor results.

Grinding Your Blade

How to get the correct bevel on your blade and prepare it for hooking and scraping wood floors. You’ll notice we added a jig to get the correct angle, if you’re doing a lot of hand distressing, scraping wood floors, you might want to do the same.

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  1. WoodPro May 4, 2013 at 4:48 am Permalink

    Very informative! Thanks for making it easy to understand how to distress wood floors by hand scraping them before installation.

    That will save me hours of labor come my next job!

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