• Pro Hand Scraper

    The Pro Hand Scraper, a perfect hardwood floor distressing tool, is the essential component every wood floor installer needs in their tool bag.

  • Optimum Hand Scraper

    The Optimum Scraper is Ideal for Bench Scraping to distress wood floors before installing.

  • Ultimate Hand Scraper

    Our most popular hardwood floor scraper, this is the ‘Ultimate’ because it can be used for any wood floor scraping job. With a slight curve in the handle it gives the user more leverage and grip when scraping.

  • Mini Hand Scraper

    A more compact Mini (Ultimate) Hand Scraper designed for harder to reach areas, corners and stairs. The Mini Hand Scraper still has the same effectiveness and scraping ability for achieving that distressed look on your hardwood floors.

  • EZ Pro Injector Repair System

    The EZ Pro Injector Floor Repair Kit was designed to save time and money by sparing your floor from costly replacement. Fill hollow spots, fix loose floors, and repair nosing; This kit works on Engineered or Solid flooring by drilling a small hole (less than 1/16” in diameter) then injecting a super strong, specially formulated, injection grade flooring adhesive to fix it for good!

Hardwood Industry Products

The Professional’s Choice

For over 10 years Hardwood Industry Products has manufactured hand scrapers and wood floor repair kits to save you time and money. The EZ Pro Injector Wood Floor Repair Kit saves your floor from replacement by repairing hollow spots and loose floors.

With 2 types of adhesive, it can be used for either engineered or solid flooring. In addition, we build one-of-a-kind, Heavy Duty, Custom Hand Scrapers with a Lifetime Warranty. A must have for every installer!

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EZ Pro Injector Wood Flooring Repair Kit

Hardwood Industry Product's exclusive EZ Pro Hardwood Floor Repair System

See how our wood floor scrapers hold up on the job!

Don’t Replace Your Wood Floor- Repair It!

Save yourself time and money by repairing your wood floor with our innovative Ez Pro Injector wood floor repair system. The EZ PRO INJECTOR saves floor from replacement by allowing you to fill those hollow spots and fix loose floors by drilling a small hole (less than 1/16″ in diameter) then injecting our super strong, specially formulated, injection grade adhesives to fix it for good!

Custom Wood Floor Hand Scrapers

Ultimate Hand Scraper 03

Watch our custom hardwood floor scrapers in action.

Use High Quality Tools for Premium Results

High quality tools to help you achieve your desired look when installing your solid wood floors.

Hook Blade Machine

Hook Blade Machine

A quick tutorial walk through of how to replace the blade in your wooden floor scraper using our Hook Blade Machine.

Keep Your Blades Sharp and Fresh for Professional Results

Replacing your hook blades in our custom wood scrapers is a breeze with our Hook Blade Machine. Scraping wood floors with a dull blade causes you extra work and yields less than perfect results. Available as singles or in a 10 pack, our replacement floor scraping blades will ensure you get the most for all of your work, time, and money invested into your projects.

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